Educating the Child in Enlightenment Britain

Jill Shefrin -

Educating the Child in Enlightenment Britain: Beliefs, Cultures, Practices

Educating the Child in Enlightenment Britain
Co-edited with Mary Hilton. Ashgate, 2009 (Studies in Childhood). Available for purchase at

Contributors: Michèle Cohen, M.O. Grenby, Mary Clare Martin, Jennifer Mori, Carol Percy, Deirdre Raftery, Jill Shefrin, Anne Stott, Maurice Whitehead, Sophia Woodley.

“This book is an outstanding contribution to the silent revolution that is placing education at the heart of the cultural history of the ‘long eighteenth century&rsquo. The editors set out to redefine education as a cultural, rather than a political, social or purely instructive practice. The editors & contributors demonstrate convincingly the innovative work that is possible outside conventional disciplinary boundaries in the conceptual space constituted through education. This is a book that sets agendas for future research & debate as it sheds light on ‘new ways of seeing’ in the history of education. It is a book with the potential to reconfigure both history & education.”
—Joyce Goodman, University of Winchester, UK

“An arresting collection which succeeds in its goal of posing a challenge to more traditional approaches to the history of education &, instead, understanding it as an aspect of the process by which culture was transmitted to young people.… A first-rate volume that is of considerable value, both for content & for methodology.”
—Jeremy Black, University of Exeter, Enlightenment & Dissent 25 (2009)

“…an important contribution to the Ashgate series.”
—Victoria de Rijke, Middlesex University, Children’s Books History Society Newsletter 94, (August 2009)